From the recording My Best Friend & Me

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A silly song about Mark and his childhood friend, Skippy and some of the silly antics they used to do as young boys.


When I was a young boy, my best friend and me
built ourselves a tree-house, way up in a tree
we climbed up there on Saturday, way above the ground
stayed up there for hours, cause we couldn't climb back down

We were Cowboys, We were Indians
Sometimes Casa Novas, chasing the gals
Cops and Robbers. Monkeys in a tree
But always we were buddies, my best friend and me

We'd wake up in the morning, every summer day
put on our cowboy hats, go outside to play
Our tricycles were horses, of course we had six guns
We'd chase those girls around the block, you should have seen them run

Many years have gone now, we've both moved away
Skippy's in Montana, I'm in Florida today
One day I hope to join him, out there on the range
we wont be riding tricycles, real horses for a change