House Concerts!

What is a House Concert? 

Simply put, a house concert is an invitation-only music performance in someone’s home, presented by a host who does not profit from the event. 

Most house concerts are: 

*held indoors 
*attended by 15-50 people 
*put on inexpensively. Hosts spend from $50 – $125 on food and beverage. Suggested Attendee donations pay the performer. 
*known to include light snacks, beverages or a pot-luck dinner 
*attended by the host’s friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe a few fans of the artist 
*performed with a very small sound system or no amplification. Artists usually bring what they need. 
*intimate — audiences sit close and are attentive
*host is willing to house and feed the artists for the night if traveling a longer distance.

House Concerts are fun!  Contact Six Strings & A Fiddle through our contact/bookings page to inquire about having one in your home.

House Concert

The Villages, Florida

House Concert

Intimate and fun!