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A song Mark wrote about his paternal grandmother. He spent a lot of time at her home when he was a small boy and has many fond memories.


My grandma she lived by the lake in the woods
and I would try to visit her as often as I could
she'd make us ice cold lemonade and homemade apple pie
cheese cake short cake -
so sweet it'd make you cry

Grandma, Grandma
she was a lot of fun
Grandma, Grandma
she'd call and we would run
Grandma, Grandma
the goodies she would make
she made so much stuff for us
we're fat for goodness sake!

My grandma wore a hearing-aid
she couldn't hear that well
even when she turned it up
she couldn't hear that bell
I would have to sit with her
when it was my turn
I'd listen for that buzzer
so the cookies wouldn't burn

She gather us together
and take us all to church
grandpa he would stay behind
so he could fish for perch
my behind it was in the pew
but my mind was far away
it was back with Grandpa
in his boat out in the bay