1. My Lord and I

From the recording My Lord and I

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A testimonial song Mark wrote about how he found Jesus.


We laugh together when my heart is glad
we cry together when I'm sad
we share memories of long ago...
of good times and bad
I met Him on a summer's day - an afternoon in July
We've been walking hand in hand since then
My Lord and I

My Lord and I
My Lord and I
One day we'll see each other face to face
My Lord and I

V. 2
There came a time in this walk of life
when I'd lost my way
I fell so hard I nearly lost my mind
what a price to pay
I thought I'd lost the call to serve my savior
I felt the two of us were through
but in my darkest hour He stood beside me - faithful and true

There;s one more chapter I can't wait to tell you
about my Lord and I
He promised me He's gonna build a mansion
way up in the sky
He'll introduce me to His loving Father
the One who makes all things new
What a reunion, one big happy family
Will you be there too?