From the recording Songs to Heal the Heart

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Mark wrote this song shortly after his uncle passed away. He had lost a few friends in the previous few years. Sitting on a knoll playing his guitar, he wrote this song. This version was recorded with Mark playing all the instruments himself.


Sitting right here on the banks of the river watching the clouds as they pass by
looking at the blue and thinking about Heaven
longing for my home where the tears are dry

Dreamin' bout Heaven
I'm dreamin bout home
Dreaming bout Heaven
Dreaming bout home

V. 2
Sitting right here on the top of the mountain
looking at the valley far below
thinking about loved ones gone before me
wondering when it will be my time to go

V. 3
Sitting at my cabin in my rocking chair
listening to the music floating thru the air
If I look closely I can see
my Lord Jesus pointing His finger at me